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Anal Lubricant Water-based Sex Lubricant For Sex Anal Plug Vaginal Oil Gel Intimate Massage Lubricant Sex Toys anal sex

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Product description:
1.Ingredients: water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, glycerin, propylene, acrylate, etc.
2.Storage method: put in a cool place, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight
Package contains:
1*Black Pointed lid
About our packaging:
200ml of lubricant and black tip will be packed in the carton, and the outer layer of the carton has a sealed film, please rest assured to buy. The box with the lubricant is sent out in the air bag.
In order to avoid embarrassment and protect the privacy of our customers, there is no sensitive vocabulary on the product packaging, nor the name of our store.
How to use: 
When using, squeeze out a proper amount of lubricating fluid and apply it to the parts that need lubrication.未标题-1未标题-6未标题-4未标题-1未标题-2未标题-3

Very good and fast. Delivery cdek by courier home. The seller is a great fellow! I wish prosperity to this store, if all worked at this level, it would be fine 19 Mar 2020 01:11

For a long time we use this lubricant. for anal sex is very good. 19 Mar 2020 00:42

Came before the time, I recommend the seller, packing quality 18 Mar 2020 08:14

Hands down, one of the best 18 Mar 2020 07:25

I brought the courier until I tried it. 18 Mar 2020 07:09

I always buy this cream, recently changed his partner for so much huge cock, but with this cream comes in like a native, and most importantly it does not hurt at all 17 Mar 2020 04:41

Long delivery (((but the remedy is good, enough for a long Act, does not burn, tried-I liked it) 16 Mar 2020 04:59

Good goods have already ordered 4 times. Now also with a nozzle. Came through cdec. About 2 weeks 15 Mar 2020 10:51

The goods were received, tried until it was possible, the husband influenza. I ordered the lubricant for the first time, what it should be-i do not know. Texture as gel for ultrasound, odorless, easily washed off with water. On the package there is a shelf life, until 2022, but there is no composition. Packed in air bag. Now about delivery: i came to sdek, many like delivery to the door, but not to me. It's easier for me to get into my index, just to get to the post office and pick up the parcels with a microscope than to explain to the call center operator that in my city after merging the neighborhoods two streets with the same name, and that i'm not taking where they're going. Then explain at 9 am to the courier the same, and then wait for his figs knows when exactly within 9 hours, neither to wash, nor to leave the house, nor to play online, as a result, in 6 hours to receive the parcel and exhale. You can of course at the point of issue, but it's also not convenient for me. The seller on a specific method of delivery does not warn, but i would like... 11 Mar 2020 15:54

Very good quality. The seller sent a gift, as they say: a trifle, but nice. Delivery by courier to the apartment. 23 Feb 2020 19:33
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Anal Lubricant Water-based Sex Lubricant For Sex Anal Plug Vaginal Oil Gel Intimate Massage Lubricant Sex Toys anal sex

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