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Kegel Exercise Weights Ben Wa Balls for Bladder Control & Pelvic Floor Exercises - Set of 6 Premium Silicone Vaginal Tighten

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About the product exercises weights kit strengthen pelvic floor muscles improving bladder control and overall better pelvic health. It's for women who struggle with peeing when laughing, running, sneezing or coughing after women post-pregnancy. Body Safe Silicone - These Kegel exercises are made from high grade silicone that is Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Hypoallergenic, BPA Free, and Dioxin Free. 100% waterproof designed with comfort.Safe for use with water based lubricants. Soft and silk touch, designed for comfort, and makes it easy to remove. Perfect fit,Set of 3 different weights offer you more options.From new moms to women who conquered menopause, we have the perfect fit & training guide. Get rid of those urinary incontinence pads, poise impressa. All items come in discreet Packing! Offer 30-days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our items.-If you have any questions with the kegel balls, please contact us, we will make every effort to make you satisfied. Product description Color:Blue Tracy's Dog Kegel Balls Training Kit --- Achieve Better Life Through Better Health Kegel Exercise is a Doctor Recommended Female Exercise .By The Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Strengthen The Support of The Bladder, Uterus and Large Intestine Muscles, Including Stretching and Contraction to Prevent Anal Incontinence. Doctor Recommed Our Tracy's Dog Exercise Kit Because They Are Made Of 100% Premium Silicone , Waterproof, Hypoallergenic,and BPA and Phthalate Free, These Ben Wa Balls are Gentle on Skin and Vaginal Walls, And They Are Odor Resistant. When it Comes to Kegel exercises, One Size Does NOT Fit All, 1 or 2 Weights Don't Allow For Lasting Progress. The Kegel system Comes with Six Progressively Heavier Weights , The Balls are Replaceable , So You Can Exercise in Many Weights By Grouping Different Balls. They Are Also Easy to Clean With Hot Water and Soap Every Woman Will Benefit From Tracy's Dog Kegel Weights Exercise Kit Including These Suffer From : Embarrassing Leaks When Sneezing, Coughing or Laughing Weak Pelvic Wall Muscles Before And After Childbirth Urinary Stress Incontinence Fecal Incontinence Vaginal Prolapse Loose Vaginal Muscles Meterial : Premium Silicone Package Include 1 x Tracy's Dog Kegel Exercise Kit (with 6 different balls) Weight for Each Ball : 45g(1.58oz) , 60g(2.11oz) , 75g(2.65oz) , 90g(3.17oz), 105g(3.70oz) ,120g(4.23oz) The Tracy's Dog Kegel Balls Comes With a Giftbox !

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Kegel Exercise Weights Ben Wa Balls for Bladder Control & Pelvic Floor Exercises - Set of 6 Premium Silicone Vaginal Tighten

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