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Penis Vibrator Penis Massager Trainer Glans Vibrator Men Sex Toys Enhancement Delay Lasting Erection Adult Male Masturbation<

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1.Material: Medical Silicone
2. Size: 41*78mm
3.Battery: 2* AAA Batteries ( Not included)
4.Waterproof: 10% Waterproof
5.Vibrating Frequency: 20 modes
6.Maximum noise: less than 50 dB
7.Please long press the power button over 3s to turn on / off the vibrator
8. Warranty: 3 months warranty from the day you get the product

1.Perfect for Male masturbation and penis enlargement,glans massage



2.All-around vibration for glans


3.20 Vibration Modes

Powered by 2 * AAA Batteries



4.Built-in particles massage



5.Ejaculation delay


6.Size Chart



Key Words: pro extender,pump for penis,penis pump,penis extension,penis vibrator,penis glans masturbator,gay sex

Package included:  glans vibrator*1 + USB cable*1 + information*1 


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Our customers hold item , its mark as sex toys so why. 19 Mar 2020 01:54

Color:penismassager, Logistics:ePacket
After unpacking, I thought to myself: "Oh, but the case looks small". With lubricant, however, she can be easily pulled over the penis. Without lubricant no chance. The vibrato eggs are a bit difficult to insert into the loops, but with a bit of practice, things get faster and faster. I have not yet finally tried the shell for the testicles. After the first attempt after about 5 minutes still not right on the spot I was left it. The vibrating eggs are really awesome. They are extremely powerful and have several modes that you can switch through the remote control. Orgasm guarantee is given in any case! 05 Mar 2020 00:29

Color:penismassager, Logistics:ePacket
A product that can be used for different things. The two vibration parts are free to use, so the imagination knows no bounds. The vibration is quite strong for the size and can be used for him and her, depending on your mood. The soft silicone cover has on the inside also still Noppel, which additionally stimulate. 03 Mar 2020 03:13

Color:penismassager, Logistics:ePacket
Very fast delivery in a secret packaging. The product is well made and very elastic. A big advantage is that the product is powered by a rechargeable battery which no need for new batteries. There are different vibration levels and the fit is well chosen. 03 Mar 2020 01:42

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I approached the penis pump with a low expectation because I had a manual and the negative pressure was very low .... I was even more surprised when I tried the electronic version. The penis pump creates a huge negative pressure on which man (s) you have to get used to but which brings the positive desired effect. In addition, the package included 2 seals and lubricant cream which made the use easier and more enjoyable. The pump also works in a pleasant volume which is not disturbing. I can recommend the pump to anyone who wants to try something new. 03 Mar 2020 00:46

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Great thing. Cool put in the swimming trunks she works? Super. Finished quickly. 21 Feb 2020 07:41

Badly packed, the nozzle was diformed, but you can use it. Wrote to the great-grandfather, the money was returned. The thing is cool. 06 Feb 2020 23:11

The order arrived quickly, through the transport company with tracking. Everything is rocking packed and intact. Everything works and vibration is quite strong with different modes. 29 Jan 2020 05:39

Yes, the goods met my expectations, many modes, i will say in secret, my wife this thing also fell in love. Verdict: life diversifies, but a woman will not replace 29 Jan 2020 02:12

Product came quickly shop recommend The cover itself is a little volume 09 Jan 2020 17:37
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Penis Vibrator Penis Massager Trainer Glans Vibrator Men Sex Toys Enhancement Delay Lasting Erection Adult Male Masturbation<

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