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DOLLKER 2019 168cm live silicone love doll sex doll life size adult big chest sex doll oral anal mini vagina realistic toy male

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  • Normal foot
  • Standing foot
  • Standing and heating
  • 135cm
  • 145cm
  • 158cm
  • 168cm

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Available Stock: 297 units

We promise: we start to make the doll after you place the order and make the payment, guarantee 100% all new finished. We never send the in stock dolls to you, because buyers know that the doll which in stock for long time is not good for your health.

If you are looking for a high-quality TPE sex doll with the lowest price , then you have come to right place! DOLLER is the NO.1 manufacturer only produce the high-quality TPE sex doll, for over 95% US and Europe online sellers are our retailers. You will save at least $500-$900 if you buy here.

From the video, you can see our doll is very soft, when you touch her, it's the same feeling as touching the real girl. My dear friends, please NEVER buy from the cheaper seller, the cheaper seller's doll is not feel soft, it may feel stiff and hard like a stone.

We promise: you will get 100% Original DOLLKER same as the pictures shown.



Height: 135cm-32kg Height: 145cm-32kg Height: 158cm-40kg  
Material: TPE with metal skeleton Material: TPE with metal skeleton Material: TPE with metal skeleton
Bust: 80cm Bust: 81cm Bust: 81cm
Waist circumference: 43cm Waist circumference: 52cm Waist circumference: 49.5cm
Hip circumference: 82cm Hip circumference: 75cm Hip circumference: 75cm
Arm length: 42cm Arm length: 41cm Arm length: 38cm
Feet length: 16cm Feet length: 17cm Feet length: 20cm
Vaginal depth: 17cm Vaginal depth: 18cm Vaginal depth: 18cm
Anal depth: 15cm Anal depth: 17cm Anal depth: 17cm
Oral depth: 13cm Oral depth: 13cm Oral depth: 13cm
Net weight: 27kg Net weight: 26.5kg Net weight: 32kg
Packing specification: 127*35*24cm          Packing specification: 139*35*25cm          Packing specification: 144*40*26cm      


Height: 168cm-43kg      
Material: TPE with metal skeleton    
Bust: 100cm    
Waist circumference: 53cm    
Hip circumference: 90cm    
Arm length: 52cm    
Feet length: 20cm    
Vaginal depth: 18cm    
Anal depth: 17cm    
Oral depth: 13cm    
Net weight: 32kg    
Packing specification: 154*42*31cm           

Notice: It’s measured by hand,  measurement result may be different, So please refer to the actual products that you receive2标题-产品详情图3联系我们获取更多图片视频4关节5 The Top Rated Sex Doll Store Premium quality sex dolls

We only choose the most life like substances to create what are the best sex dolls in their class. Our sex dolls are made from  premium TPE materials making every part of their exterior as realistic as can be. You will find sex dolls with the most luscious bouncy breasts for a sex doll.

We also make the dolls with durability in mind. DOLLKER provides you with high quality sex robots with a durable interior too. The dolls come with a metal skeleton with very flexible joints such that you can enjoy using them in different positions.
Apart from being durable and authentic, our sex dolls are also made for safe usage. You don’t have to worry about any materials causing any health problems as they are safe for human use. The hand-made dolls are always put through rigorous tests to make sure they are not hypoallergenic and our clients can use them safely.
Free express shipping worldwide
Discreet packaging and billing

Track delivery right to your door671. Due to the factors of computer monitors, light effect, photographic equipments and each batch of production, there will exist a little difference between the real products and the photos. So please refer to the actual products that you will receive.

2. The clothes in the product show are just for photography purpose and will NOT  be supplied with the doll. We will give another set of clothes as a  free gift, which is sexy underwear or lingerie and randomly chosen by our workers.


About Import Tax and Customs Issues

1. This price does not include any import duty or tax. Buyers are responsible for any customs duty or import tax in their countries.

2. If your country forbids importing of sex products, please do not make this purchase. If you insisit on purchasing these products, we are not responsible for any importing issues that you might encounter, including confiscation of the products by your customs.

About Pubic Hair

The default type of our dolls is without pubic hair. It requires an extra $60 for pubic hair. Please consult us if you want to add pubic hair.


These sex dolls are hand-made and measured by human. As a result, there might exist some deviations in specifications between the data and the real products. We default that you can accept these deviations in specifications once you place your order with us.8标题-更多选择最后



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DOLLKER 2019 168cm live silicone love doll sex doll life size adult big chest sex doll oral anal mini vagina realistic toy male

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